Stainless Steel 904L Eccentric Reducer

Stainless Steel 904L Eccentric Reducer

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We provide Stainless Steel 904L Eccentric Reducers, which are the fittings particularly utilized in piping systems between two pipes of different lengths or diameters. They are put-upon where the diameter of the pipe on the upstream part of the fitting is more large than the downstream one. Dissimilar to concentric pipe-fittings, these have an edge, which is collateral to the connecting pipe. Provided Stainless Steel 904L Eccentric Reducers are made with the small outlet off center to the large end, which enable them to be aligned in only one side of the inlet. Stainless Steel 904L Eccentric Reducers are capable to prevent trapping and allow easy connection of assorted sized pipes.

Key Points:

  • Keeping small pipes and big pipes together, utilized with flat side up in pump pressure so as to obviate cavitation.
  • Offered with reduced noise and vibration so as to avoid hassle during the operation.
  • Capable to absorb pipe wall as well as fluid borne noise.
  • Offered with little turbulence or material entrapment, need less installation space.